Welcome to Simply 40!

We want to introduce a new way to hire a web designer that you are sure to love!

If you could have a web designer “on staff” to build your web presence and maintain it going forward, would that benefit your business and free up time for you as a business owner?

If you said yes, well then, you’re in for a treat!

As you likely know by now, nearly every person on the planet begins their search for products or services online. So we’re sure you already understand the value of establishing your business online in order to put yourself in front of these potential customers.

The problem has been that typical web design companies charge huge fees for their services.

What’s more, they charge an up-front deposit, usually half the project total cost, before they show you what they can do. At this point your only choice is cross your fingers and hope that they deliver everything that was promised.

And what if you decide half-way through the project that you would like to add an extra page or you have extra images you want in a photo gallery? This will mean extra services outside the scope of your agreed-to project and will cost you extra fees.

Once the project is done, you are left to fend for yourself with updates, maintenance & technical issues.

It’s 2018! Who wants a headache like that?

Here’s how we are “changing the game.”

Our goal is simple, pun intended!

We offer an affordable way to have a personal web designer, developer & marketer on staff for your business.

Where the relationship typically ends with a traditional, exorbitantly priced web design “firm” – ours is just beginning! We are a team of web professionals that not only design and build your website, but we also maintain it for you everyday.

Your business changes over time. This means your website changes over time. Did you change your business hours? Have new photos to add? Content to change? Want to add a new employee to the About page? Whatever it is, whenever it is, however often, we’ve got you covered. We do this through our super-simple ticketing system that is available in your account portal, once you become a member.

In addition to a professionally designed website and ongoing unlimited changes – we also include free hosting (unlimited bandwidth, storage & 20 email accounts), daily security updates, spam prevention software, server maintenance backup and general monitoring. All for $40/month!

Spend your day running your business and we’ll run your website for less than your monthly coffee run.

Still Have Questions?

Still Have Questions?