Adding Value With Simply 40

Hi friends!

My name is Melissa. If you know me, one of my very favorite things to tell people is, “I have owned a web design company for 11 years.”

If you have more than a two minute conversation with me, you will hear those words over a dozen times.

The point of telling someone this is not to brag or boast but to express the joy I feel that I have been fortunate enough, to not only do what I love for over a decade but to have helped thousands of people achieve amazing things with their businesses!

For me, running my web design company comes down to two important factors.



  1. The self worth I feel every day from living my passion and loving every second of my life & career.
  2. And also the ultimate blessing it is to be able to help business owners create their online piece of real estate, (that will go on to be their online business card, branding, marketing tool, first impression, income generator and so much more.)


After running my business for a good portion of my adulthood, I have come to rely on the gratitude that I feel from helping others. It is such an overwhelming piece of happiness every day that I wanted to take it further and find a way to provide EVEN MORE value to my clients.


This is how Simply 40 was born.



When I create a website for a client, they are thrilled at the newness and quality that I deliver. However, some think that a website is a stagnant thing that does not evolve and that once I am finished creating it for them, they can ignore it. This way of thinking can be a huge detriment.

A website is similar to a living, breathing being that needs attention. It needs to be updated, protected, changed, added to, evaluated, monitored and refreshed.

Doing this, not only helps the user experience but also helps with Google rankings and social media status.

Yet, after a website is completed, the maintenance of it falls below the wayside for most.

Over the years I have seen first hand, so many business owners that put many resources into their start-ups but neglect their online presence.

When asked why this is, the answer is usually the same. They feel their funds are better spent building their business than updating their website.

In theory, I understand. If a client just paid a good amount to have their website created, they may not feel the need to pay more to have it maintained.

But the 2018, savvy business owner knows, this way of thinking will ABSOLUTELY hurt them in the long run. Their website could get malware, viruses, have outdated content, functionality incompatibilities or become banned from Google!


Over the years, explaining this to clients has caused me to assume the role of “bearer of bad news,” essentially saying, “Things can and will go wrong if your website isn’t maintained.” It has been an unavoidable aspect of my business and not my favorite part, to say the least. After the shininess of their website wears off, I become compared to an accountant or a plumber… (One who preforms a service that someone knows they need, but that they are really not thrilled about.)

On the flip side, some client’s have tried to update things themselves, which can also prove disastrous.

This cycle lead me to do some serious brainstorming of how I could fix this for my clients.

I wanted to give them a way to simply have it all, so they don’t have to pay extra and don’t feel the need to try to do it themselves. (Because who really has time in their day to add a new page to their website or update their site’s software?)


There had to be a better way!


A way to build a website and then afterward, continue to handle everything for them on an unlimited basis so they could continue to run their business and do what they do best.

It would also need to be extremely affordable!


Then I came up with it! The solution! No more charging to create a website!


Simply 40 is my way of providing unlimited value to my client’s over and over again.


Simply 40 includes a full custom designed website created to the client’s style preferences.


It also includes:

Full development

Monthly hosting

Free domain name regitration

Full custom mobile website

Full Google optimization

Full website backup and 24/7 security

Unlimited imagery and graphics

Unlimited amount of pages 

Unlimited updates for life

Google Analytics monitoring and reporting

Email accounts

SSL certificate


“How much does Simply 40 cost Melissa?”

I accomplish ALL of this for less than a daily coffee. How about $1.33 a day?!


I love what I do and I am so confident in my abilities, I provide each and every client with so much value, WAY more value than ever possible before!

To me, this really is all the happiness in the world, being able to help fellow business owners by utilizing my skills that I love to use!

I hope you will join me in Simply 40!

-Melissa, Owner

Still Have Questions?

Still Have Questions?