Adding Value With Simply 40

Video is king! I will say it again so it sinks in. VIDEO IS KING!

Are you using video to promote your business? No? Not yet? You’ve been thinking about it?

Well, consider this a sign that TODAY is YOUR DAY!

At Simply 40, we want all of our clients to utilize every tool they can to help their businesses soar higher than ever before and video is one of the top ways to achieve that online.


So without further ado, let’s get into our top 5 way that you can use video to jump start your business.

  1. Video can be shared on social media such as Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and more. The ability to easily and quickly share your message with your target market will surely reach faster than you could by explaining your business yourself. So post, post, post those videos! In addition, using video in your Facebook or Instagram ads has a far higher retention of interest than using images.
  2. Add video to your email signature. Signing your name and business name in your email is one thing, giving someone an interactive glace at your business on their own time and leisure is in incredibly powerful. After they read your email, they will have a way to learn more and connect with you, without needing a personal sales pitch from you.
  3. Use video to explain your products or services on your website. Having a video on your homepage will give a quick overview of what you do. Although having text content on your website is important, having a way for your visitors to get to the point quickly and efficiently will increase your conversions hugely.
  4. Videos can be shared by friends and colleges without being lost in translation. If you tell a friend about your business and then ask that friend to recommend you to others, they may not cover all of your important points when reiterating your products or services to their friends. However, if they can show them or share with them your video, they will get the correct message every time.
  5. Video gets right to the point. Although humans have the ability to pay attention, our attention span for any one particular thing is getting less and less due to the amount of mental simulation there increasingly is. Social media and the internet have made it so that we gather millions of bits of information every day. With a video, you are presenting your most important content, in a bite-sized piece of information that people can digest at ease.

We have some many more tips on how to sky rocket your business using video. Contact us HERE and learn how we can help you with your video!

Videos are here to stay and are only going to get increasingly more popular. Don’t be left behind, start using video today!

Still Have Questions?

Still Have Questions?