Carol Clark

3. General Content Update (Post Launch)
Sorry so many tickets 🙁

I am AMAZED with how this page looks!!!! Thank you SO much for this!!! I am SO proud to show this off! I have never ever EVER felt such pride in a website before and I was always embarrassed so I would just lie and say I didn’t have a website. You have created something incredible in my life. Sounds dramatic but I mean it. Thank you!!

Content Update Notes:
1. Can I add #sparkjoyatwork in the social links section of each page?

2. Each instance of anchoring back to the calendar links back to the site and reloads the website without scrolling to the calendar

Maybe anchoring is the wrong word. Sometimes I see websites that, if I click a button, it scrolls back to a certain portion of the same page. If I can do that with the embedded calendar, that would be great, even on one of the large buttons.

If not, it is ok to just link to

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