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Blog post 1.

How to attract more money in your life the way your parents never told you about

Everything in our lives is about relationships.
Relationship with selves, with our friends, family, team, boss, clients, food, money…

We get to ask ourselves if how we are treating money we would like to be treated?
Most of the time the answer is no, yet, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

As Maya Angelou wisely said:
“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

Now that you know better you can choose again and create a relationship that is fulfilling.

Write down how YOU would like to feel in a relationship, how would you like to be treated?
For example:
With love, care, respect, having fun, feeling free to be myself, nurtured, heard, etc.

Now that you know how YOU want to feel, ask yourself how can you make money feel that way?

You can start by writing it a letter on your weekly dates, having your weekly dates that feel fun and are connecting you with money.

Imagine money as your lover, friend or a family member.

When we treat money as just a thing that’s what it becomes. Thing that is lifeless and we can’t predict.

Yet, when we treat money with energy of love, respect, and as a close person we love, that is what it becomes. Always available, supportive and loving.

Remember, the difference between source and channels.
Your clients, job, parents, family, friends, that’s not your source of money or abundance. Those are just channels and channels can always be created and changed.

Your source of money is the universe, source, God, whatever you believe is the higher power that is keeping us and all alive and working 🙂

When you are thirsty you can go drink water from a tap at home, yet when it’s broken you won’t freak out that you will die of thirst, because you know there are different channels where to get water.
Same goes with money. There are always more channels and when you can relax and surrender to that infinite power that’s when you tap into the continuous abundance (and inner peace, knowingness, bliss, happiness) …

For your weekly money date:
Create a fun and feel good environment – ask yourself what would be fun on a date?
Candles, crystals, essential oils, music, food, drinks??
Do just that and each week play with something new or celebrate what feels the best for you.

Get a wall calendar and write on it each and every income of money from any sources – then do weekly sum of it (and also at the end of the month sum of the month) I love using highlighter to make the individual sums stand out

Get nice journal for your journaling and letters with money
I love starting with hot cacao, essential oils and setting intentions for the date and then I write an appreciation letter to money. Sometimes it’s a forgiveness letter if I abandoned it or didn’t check on it or didn’t trust it will come.
Under that I write the Weekly Abundance – that I get from my calendar – Individual income and then highlight the sum for the week.
Then I move into How am I circulating money (it’s like a dream list how am I using money when I have more than enough of it)
Then I am done or if I want more I write about – Short term financial goals and next Long term financial goals

Get a bigger journal where you can write a different investments each week you write what you have invested in –
Business, Personal, Groceries, Eating out, Bills – are examples of my monthly investments.

Remember, the relationships that work are the ones we work on.

How will you work on your relationship with money from now on?

Blog post 2.

How to see the opportunities in life

What do you do when you are feeling emotionally low energy?

Do you dwell on what’s not working or you give yourself the permission to feel your feelings and also see what could you see as a gift in that situation?

My birthday was not as I planned.

I was supposed to be surrounded by dozens of women for my annual live event Meant for More.
I was supposed to be getting ready for my trip to see my family in Europe.
I was supposed to be planning a women’s weekend retreat in Las Vegas.

Yet, I’m sitting on the front porch of a cabin in Northern California and even though I see all the beauty around it isn’t getting under my skin as it normally does.

I felt sadness, I felt disappointment and hopelessness.

And I allowed myself to feel it so it can pass through me instead of staying within me.

I allowed myself to share how I am feeling with my love and with my grandma too.

My grandma shared with me that she feels like the Universe is testing us.
Testing us and giving us obstacles so we fight.

When I heard that, it didn’t feel right in my body.

So I invited myself and my grandma to a new idea.

What if the Universe, Source, God isn’t testing us?

What if it is giving us all we need for the next step so we can be where we are meant to be.

And as with anything in life and business you get to ask yourself what is the gift in this?
What can happen because the things didn’t happen as I planned but it might be according to some bigger plan?

I want to invite you to do the same.
Look around and ask yourself, what is possible for me now in my life because the things get to be different.

We get to turn around the obstacles and do the best.

Because if not, what’s the alternative?

Suffer and live in an expectations hangover?

Ps. Remember, my birthday gift to you is my Unapologetically Worthy mini course that is the missing piece of puzzle for you to live in abundance and inner peace.
It’s time to own it love, you so deserve it!
Get yours here:

Blog post 3.

How to bring a light into the dark times

With everything that is going on in the world.

First the pandemic, small businesses crushing, and now hate and violence, it is really time to stand up for what you stand for from a place of love, compassion, and eagerness to create really lasting changes.

You get to tap back into your core values and ask yourself what are your non negotiable in life.

Because when you are clear on what you stand for, that energy is going to carry to everything around you.

Maybe you are not on the streets joining many protestors but you can still create lasting changes by checking in with yourself.

Each of us is going through these high emotions differently so we get to ask ourselves… what can I do?

Let’s ask ourselves what we can do daily?

Not only when terrible tragedies and violences happen, but in our everyday lives.

How can you be more loving, grounding, and share more light so we are all feeling supported.

Let’s take outer actions that matter, like speaking up, like voting, like donating.

And also, let’s take inner action where we are becoming the best version of ourselves, healing from within…

Share with me on my Instagram stories @petiakolibova how are you sharing your light with the world today?

Remember, I love you, I see you, I receive you.

Blog post 4.

Your wish is your command

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through social media and wishing you could switch places with others?

Those who are on the beach, in arms of the love of their lives, traveling the world, living in a dream home…

I used to be creating folders with my dream life. And one of the people who really inspired me was @jasminestar and her bright, light photos and such a loving relationship with her school sweetheart, now many years loving husband JD.

And as I was looking at her feed, I kept asking myself….Wouldn’t it be nice??

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could live on the beach, wouldn’t it be nice to have a love of my life, wouldn’t it be nice if I could just work from my phone as she does….

So today as I was doing dishes and I was in a state of daydreaming, I asked myself…

What would I love to be paid for?

And I remember when I asked myself a few years ago that question, what would I love to be paid for, I said I would love to be paid for just reading books.

Because any free time I have I am either anywhere around (or in the) water or I’m holding or listening to the book.

Yet I was thinking that to be paid to read books I would have to be like a book critic or maybe a librarian so I let it go that time.

Today as I received two new books I realized I am being abundantly paid to read books!!

Because everything I am learning from my mentor, online courses AND books I am now teaching other women in my business. Whether it is in my online Meant for More Membership, my online mini course Unapologetically Worthy, or to my 1:1 coaching clients.

I read it or heard it somewhere and now I’m sharing and teaching it to others.

Finding it so fascinating to realize that our subconscious mind takes everything literally and our wish is its command.

Today I am asking YOU.


Then write it in your journal, date it, and forget about the how.

Blog post 5.

Knowing yourself and my tapping into a human design

Babe, do you really “know thyself?”

You’re like me. You’re interested in knowing what your strengths are, taking personality and self-assessment quizzes, and doing everything you can to get even more connected with your power (I know you’re excited to be tapping into your magic, girl! ✨)

I don’t know about you, but with all these tests I found myself 2nd guessing, because it seems like it all depends on how I’m feeling and the mood I’m in! 🙋🏻‍♀️🙈

Things really started transforming for me when I discovered human design.

Have you heard of it?

I’ve been using it with my 1-on-1 clients to shift their relationship with their deepest qualities, gifts and opportunities for growth in this lifetime.

What I love most, it’s all based on your specific birthdate, time and place, so it doesn’t matter what your mood is. 😂

It’s deep, true and profound and gives you so much insight! 💯

I know what it’s like to feel lost, confused, hopeless, ashamed, and like I don’t matter.

My darkest nights of the soul were when I didn’t really know who I was and I didn’t have anyone to guide me to the answers that lay within.

Let this be your reminder (the one my younger self needed)

The more you know about yourself, the better you know how to live in this world, how to share your gifts, how to be in the most natural, fun, easy and effortless flow with God/Source/Universe/Creator.

Let me know what is your human design or email me to me if you’d like to take a free test to find out and I can share more with you about your type!

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