Kristin Carlin

2. Feedback & Approvals (During Creation)
Information Needed for Website

On the terms of service page please change Rustic Grace Boutique to Rustic Grace Company we are no longer using Rustic Grace Boutique.
For shipping service we are using USPS in the United States Only and flat rate shipping
$0-$24.99 is $5 shipping, $24.99 – $59.99 is $8 shipping, $59.99- $99.99 is $10 shipping and over $100 is FREE SHIPPING
I would like a insurance option added for them to have as a option for them to be able to add insurance to their order and a note that shows them Priority Mail will give them only $50 of insurance coverage.

Yes we are charging tax for customers that are in Texas our tax rate is 8.25.

Our payment processor is Stripe.
Login information is :

We also need paypal and sezzle connected as payment options as well.
We do not have any coupons we are offering at this time.
Customers are required to make an account with at least the a name and email address.

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