Carol Clark

2. Feedback & Approvals (During Creation)
Carol Notes 2

Thank you again! So appreciative and so impressed with the speed and ease of working with you!! Awesome stuff!!

Ok, here are my thoughts/questions/notes:

1. The site is a much cleaner version of the site I built. I’m appreciative of that but I hate the site I built lol. You definitely fixed all the stuff I hate about it. Would you help me figure out how to make this site a bit more dramatic and eye catching? Not sure if that’s shifting content around (I know I laid out the order. Maybe that order I gave you is terrible?) Just want to create some high excitement and I can’t figure out what to shift there. Maybe the blue background is too children’s cutesy pastel?? I’m actually obsessed with what you did for Photo Phinish on your porfolio. That is so dramatic and edgy. I love it. Is it possible to be create a more edgy dramatic look that is still sleek?

2. Can I change the menu bar to be less prominent and instead, use a hamburger menu at the bottom of the page? Maybe all of this is coming and this is just a mock up so pardon me if I’m speaking to things you’re already planning in the live version.

3. Can the “Speaker Kit” box be less noisy? Maybe the other links will be a hamburger menu at the bottom of the screen and the speaker kit link will just be less noisy that way?

4. Would love the hero statement to be more separated from the text starting with “Imagine” I know I sent you a lot of text. I’m seeing that I sent too much so feel free to either delete some as needed or break it up with font/spacing like

5. I know I asked for the video to stretch across the screen. The thumbnail of that pic is so low quality so it looks a little icky. But, whatever you think. The video loaded so easily and I was so excited for that…thank you!!!

6. Can the title “Play to Your Leadership Edge” be written in cool and different colored fonts/colors to make it stand out? Same goes for the long block of text.

7. I love those flippy boxes you created!!! Thank you!! That sparks so much joy for me!!! I’m trying to figure out how to change the colors so they’re not super cutesy but I love how they flip and how easily they work!! So appreciative of this and stuff like this is why I am so appreciative that the universe brought me to you!! I maybe love the boxes as is but am wanting to change the cuteness of the blue in the background?? I don’t know exactly how to articulate it so that can’t be easy for you.

8. Can the title “Fiery. Motivational….” be a little more dramatically written using a larger size? And, this is totally my mistake, but can I change it to this instead: Fiery. Motivational. Powerhouse Programs.

9. Ugh, I hate this picture of me. Can it be less prominent so I don’t showcase every bit of ick on my face? Maybe the gradient could cover the picture as a filter?

10. The “Calm the chaos” section – I’d like to change the background color of this. Don’t know to what and I’m sorry that I’m not giving more clear direction. I only know what I do and dont like when I see it.

11. Perhaps instead of that text, I could add in this video? I’m uploading a video to this ticket. Ok, just tried to upload and the file is larger than 300MB. I’ll add it into the “Carol Pics and Videos” Drive The video is titled “Stop Playing Whack A Mole”. Thank you!!

12. Love the “Skyrocket your productivity…” font! Could I use this throughout?
12a. Could I change the numbers to 5000+ 2000+ 9 can stay the same

13. The contact carol pic is also icky. At least it looks like a nice picture but the transparent background gives a major halo effect. Could I do a filter over that or anything else to combat the harshness of the halo effect? Another reason I’m getting new headshots.

14. Can I change the social icons to lowercase words? “linkedin” vs the linkedin icon

15. Can I delete the footer and have no footer or maybe make it less prominent or maybe transparent? The “Designed & Maintained…” portion can be written anywhere under the social section. I’d like the “Book Carol” to stand out over the footer

16. Can the “Book Carol” change to text rather than the calendar icon?

17. OMG I JUST FIGURED IT OUT!! I’m going to send you one key color to promote so the entire site can be all white or cremeishpink with one key color that stands out. Just figured it out! Ok! All the boxes can be this one color and the text can stay navy blue. Will send that other color in a different ticket. Thank you for all of this incredible help!

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