Joyce Arrieta

1. Missing Content (Before Content Approval)
Changes to Mock up

1. Remove email address on the top bar left…. the contact box will do perfectly for them to email any inquiries.
2. Logo position… can you move the logo position over to the left more and up a bit so that the… Corporate & Personal Gifting Company text is not being wash out like it is in the space now.
3. With number #2 being done it should leave enough space to put the phone number to the right and make it larger and (bolder if need)
4. The larger banner is overpowering needs to be a little smaller and brought up some and the 3 image banners to the left needs to be aligned with the banner so that it is the same size top and bottom as the big banner and made a little bit bigger.
5. Can you put the social media block under “New Gift Arrivals”.
6. Social Media Banner I preview the sample one you sent me… and the banner is smaller and the photo’s fit nice.. but the one on my website it looks to top tall for the images that will go there or it will be adjusted once it is connect to my Instagram account?
7. Section Convenient Shipping and Local Delivery…. Delete all the Map images…Attached is the replacement text for that section. Also that section is too much spacey top and bottom needs shortening so that the page isn’t so long.
8. Copyright 2002- 2020
FYI… It’s too lengthy of scrolling before you can see the designs.